Here are some of the resources I'm working hard to create for followers of Free Soloing:

In no particular order, here are some other resources I've found to be very helpful over the years.

Books for Freelancers

  • Rework: this is a great book about how to re-think work itself. Very helpful for freelancers and people who want to focus.
  • Remote: this is a good book on the underlying philosophy of working remotely. It is not a practical how-to guide on the exact steps to take, but it's still very helpful.
  • The Referral Engine: this is the most important book I read when I first started my company. The author, John Jantsch talks about how to build a repeatable, sustainable business process that makes your company profitable.


Software/Online Tools

  • Toggl (Time Tracking Software)
  • Kajabi

Online Platforms

Ghost CMS (the platform this website uses)

Songs for Freelancers

No joke: we have our own songs! Check out the official Free Soloing playlist below!

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