This is a video from a Udemy course I created a few years ago to help people maximize their efficiency while working from remotely or from home. Instead of selling it as a paid course, I’m sharing the content here, for free. I hope you find it helpful. -Ron Stauffer

Finding people at Meetups or online conferences or literal in-person conferences and connecting with those people, is very valuable and very helpful.

Getting out of your house, meeting with people, pursuing hobbies, finding opportunities to do things that are not related to work, and making relationships with people that you don’t work with. All of these can help.

Also, some other things can help too, like finding ways to keep your job exciting. Sometimes I will listen to a different kind of music that I’ve never listened to before, or I’ll find movies about my industry that are really inspiring. There are some really inspiring movies online that you can watch that are about design, and it sounds boring to even say “videos about websites,” but there are some really interesting videos about advertising, marketing, and business and startups. And it’s good if you’re alone to connect with other people or at least virtually get a sense from other people of “What we do is good. What we do is helpful. We’re doing great stuff; we’re making products that change people’s lives.” It’s good to remind yourself of that.

I have a whole business playlist of videos that I like to watch that really inspire me and get the creative wheels in my mind going and remind me why it is I do what I do in the first place.

Meetups are a really helpful way to do this. If you have the opportunity to connect with people in your industry, whether you work with them or not, and just talk about the thing that you do for a living, that can be very exciting and energizing. It can make you go from a really depressed low on a Friday night to a really excited start on a Monday morning, saying, “I love what I do. What I do is valuable and important. And now that I’ve spoken to other people, or now that I’ve heard from other people who do what I do, I’m, re-energized about it. And I’m reminded of the value that I bring to the world.” These are very important things to remind yourself of.

Continuing education is another way that I help myself stay excited about what it is that I do. When I’m taking seminars online or classes or attending conferences for my particular industry, that is a really helpful shot in the arm that makes me think, “Wow, this is good. I’m glad that I do what I do. And I don’t mind that I work from home all by myself because there are other people just like me out there, and they’ve experienced the same things that I experience. And we have something in common.”

So finding people at Meetup groups or online conferences or literal in-person conferences and connecting with those people, whether you talk to them, you know, via email or create a virtual meeting once a month or something like that, this is very valuable and very helpful. With your mindset, when you’re stuck at home all day, every day.