The green flag is the good one. It's the exciting one. It's the one that gives you permission to proceed as normal. As a reminder, the green flag means go slam on the pedal and take off full speed ahead as a freelancer, when you're making sales and meeting potential clients, a green flag is what you should see when you meet somebody who understands what it is you do and values it.

These are the best clients. These are the ones who just get it for them. The process is easy and simple. They have a realistic budget. They have a realistic timeline. They're not in a rush. They understand the process and they're willing to work with you the way you want them to work with you. Green flag clients are great.

They're the ones who listen to you. Respect your process. They refer business your way. They brag about you to other people they pay on time or they pay early. They even send you holiday cards or gifts or write. Thank you notes. They're the ones who trust your opinion and value you and what you do for a living.

you can think of these clients as the cashews in the mixed nuts. If you've ever gone shopping for mixed nuts, you'll notice that on a can of mixed nuts, it will tell you what percentage of the contents are peanuts. Why? Cuz nobody likes peanuts. Peanuts are boring. It's cashews that everybody likes. And when you go to a party and there's bowls of mixed nuts sitting out.

Watch watch. You'll notice people pick out the cashews more than anything else. These cashews in the mixed nuts are your green flag clients. They're the ones who make life great and like cashews. They are few and they are special green flag clients. You can identify because they say things like, what do you need from me?

When do you think you can have this done? Can I pay you now? I just mailed the check. Can I refer you to a friend of mine. We're really glad you're here. Thank you so much. We're so happy to be working with you. We can't wait to see what you're going to do for us. As I mentioned, they're the best. They're the hardest to find.

And they're very loyal when you find them, but you don't find them that often. So next we'll discuss the yellow flag clients. And here's the thing to keep in mind. You can build and grow a business on green flag and yellow flag clients. You just need to know how.