I'm going to keep continuing to encourage you as much as I can. Freelancers need to be encouraged. And let me tell you you're worth it. Okay. You are just by the fact that you are watching this video tells me that you're worth it. It tells me that you are a creative professional. You are taking your craft seriously.

You are looking at further educating yourself and honing your skills. You're trying to find ways to run a better business. You have a business. You're worth it. Look at yourself. And if you can't look at somebody else and ask them to help you just work through, do I provide a good service? Am I really worth it?

Yes. The answer is you are worth it. And here's the proof. If you have clients who have paid you money, as I've said, they're telling you that you're worth it, the highest compliment a client can ever give you is by paying your. they're telling you, they're literally putting their money where their mouth is.

They are telling you that you are worth what they're paying. Feel that, suck that in, soak it up. Just enjoy that fact. Many times I've met people who don't feel like they're worth it. You are. Okay. Trust me. If you can't tell that to yourself, I'm telling you, I'm giving you permission. You are worth it.

Here's another. And I'm sure you've thought about this, but you weren't sure what to do about it. Life is too short to work with bad clients. Why would you work with people who don't wanna work with you? Why would you surround yourself with people who don't respect you? we know this and we say this and we are familiar with this in our friends and our family and the people that we spend time with voluntarily.

But a lot of us take on work that we don't enjoy, or that we're underpaid for or working for clients that don't value us. Life is too short to work with bad clients. And if you don't believe. Think about this every hour you put toward a project, that's a bad project. Working for a client from hell is one hour wasted that you can't be using to go find better clients or work on better projects.

Stop taking the jobs that aren't profitable or that don't excite you. Life is too short for that. Go out and find those better clients. I promise you they're out. Finally, remember Stuart Smalley. Tell yourself, literally tell yourself if you need to. You're good enough. You're smart enough and dog on it.

People like you. Sometimes we just need to hear that. And if we hear it from ourselves, that's okay too.