Have you ever had a project go bad, whether in work or life or anything and somebody you or someone else said? Yeah, I should have seen that coming. There were a couple red flags. Red flags are an analogy that people are very comfortable with using. They understand it. They know that it means there was a sign of something bad to come and I ignored it.

And now I'm suffering the consequences. What's interesting is there are many different flags in racing, not just the red flag. There's also yellow flags and green flags. So in this course, I want you to be thinking of three main flags, red, yellow, and green, and I'll explain each one and how it applies to your sales process.

As a freelancer in car racing, the three flags that we're going to talk about and their associated meanings are a green. Green means go slam on the pedal and take off full speed ahead. The yellow flag yellow means driving conditions are dangerous due to an accident or debris on the track. Slow down. The red flag.

Red means conditions are too dangerous to continue. Track is not safe to proceed at any speed. Drivers must stop on the. if you're a race car driver, these flags will only help you. If you can see them and understand what they mean as a freelancer, these metaphorical flags can only help you. If you understand what they mean and can recognize them when you see them.

Let's talk about each one of the flags now.