I hope this has been helpful. I could talk about this topic for many, many hours, but I'm trying to keep it relatively short. Hopefully you get the point. If you're a freelancer or a solopreneur, I am here to help you. I feel your pain and guess what a lot of other people do too. Hopefully you've learned some defensive tactics.

You've gotten some encouragement. and you've figured out sort of a, a matrix to discern red flag, yellow flag and green flag clients. And you've got a better sense of when to say no and when to walk away. So your final step is to work on the homework assigned in this course. You're going to need to take some time and really sit down and think I highly recommend you go to a coffee shop or a place that's not your home and not your office.

Library, coworking space, wherever, go and sit down and spend a few hours thinking about how do you want your business to. What are you willing to do? What are you not willing to do? What are your 10 commandments? Who are your green flag clients, who are your yellow flag clients, who are your red flag clients, who are your clients from hell?

How can you make your business better and faster and stronger and remind yourself that you are good enough. You are smart enough and dog on it. People like. do the homework, fill it out and then go forth and conquer. Get better clients. Enjoy your life a little more. Remember, life is too short to work with bad clients.

Raise your prices. And valuing yourself and respecting yourself is the first step. You will only command the respect of others when you respect yourself first, and people will only value what you do. If you value what you do first, I highly encourage you in your business. Keep going. Don't stop. The fact that you're watching this tells me that you're on the right track.

Use me as a resource. Let this not be the very end. I'm glad that you took this course. Thank you. I hope you found it helpful and feel free to contact me. I will leave my phone number and website and email in this course. So you can get in touch with me. I will respond to you and I'm here for you and go forth and conquer.